Spam Shield Licence Pricing

Spam Shield is a real-time API and WordPress plugin that blocks contact-form spam and comment-spam. Free for small sites, and affordable for larger installations and agencies.

  • Spam Shield is working really well on my websites. With it installed on my sites I can be confident that it's just getting on with its job and I can focus on doing mine!

  • We installed SpamShield due to the huge amount of spam we were receiving through our WordPress site. It's made such a difference and has stopped the constant barrage of messages allowing our business us to focus on the ones that really matter!

  • We've installed Spam Shield on all our new websites and it's massively helped with the amount of spam we receive. It's very easy to install and get up and running.

  • Installing this on our client sites is a no-brainer. No messing about - it just works.

  • We host about 150 WordPress sites and run Spam Shield on all of them. Our clients really appreciate not having to filter out the horrible junk messages they used to get when they hosted with other providers. Love it!