Block WordPress comment spam

Configure Spam Shield to scan new comments and block spam:

  • In your site’s admin area, go to Settings > Spam Shield
  • Tick the box “Check comments for spam”.

New comments are classified against the Spam Shield database, using the commentor’s Name, Email and Comment fields.

Advanced Configuration

The “Author URL” field is a primary target for potential spammers. We recommend hiding the comment Author URL field in CSS, so you only have the Comment, Name and Email fields on the page:

WordPress comment form with an Author URL field
WordPress comment form – the Author URL field is hidden

Because the Author URL field is actually still there (it’s just hidden using CSS), the only way the Author URL can be filled-in is by a spam-bot. So, if we detect that it has been filled-in, we know the comment is junk.

Tick the option to automatically block comments that have the URL field filled-in.

comment spam options
Comment spam options

…and now any comment that’s submitted with an Author URL field will be automatically rejected as spam.

Information The option to block spam based on the Author URL field is only for non-logged-in users. It is assumed that logged-in users won’t have spammy links in their Author URL fields.