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Check IP address reputation

You can use the Spam Shield API to check the reputation of an IP address with a simple query. Using HTTPie and “jq”, try the following:


# Replace this with your API key

http X-ApiKey:${SPAM_SHIELD_API_KEY} | jq .

This returns a JSON response like this:

	"ipAddress": "",
	"country": "CN",
	"isSpammer": false,
	"isHeavySpammer": false,
	"isHacker": false,
	"isHardBlocked": false,
	"reputation": "Neutral",
	"trustedSource": null,
	"queryTime": "2022-06-23 20:19:21.786"

Possible values in the trustedSource property are “null”, “Loopback”, “Private”, “Reserved” or some external trusted source such as “Google Services”, “Stripe” and a few others.